The Singularity

This is me when I think about my personal human condition:

In awe, confronted with the profound beauty of the life I have been thrown into. I love tarot and its ability to encompass a million words in one image, in one card. This is the beginning of the Fool’s journey, going from “I Am” to “What Is?” Singularity and oneness with the simpleness of the question.

My inner self is often so run over by the power of my mind that I start to only exist in the thinking realm, and soon forget there is existence beyond concepts or words. The typical paths we are encouraged to travel do not support much reflection or silence. I know this now from a new perspective, as my own regulated identity comes out and forcefully tries to get my friends to conform as strongly as I was socialized myself. Recent talks have shown me that painful truth, but have left me feeling a little blocked, unable to put the brakes on my constant thinking, analyzing self. Unlearning and undoing is an exhausting task, which is probably why I turn to tarot during times like these. It’s one of the few things I can do where I can sit there and think about all of the possible interpretations of the card and analyze to my heart’s content, or simply turn off and tune into the image.

Rachel Pollack turned me on to the idea of “gate cards”, which in her own words

open a path from the ordinary world to the inner level of archetypal experiences…[with]a myth-like Strangeness which no allegorical interpretation can completely penetrate

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom

Now that I can get behind. Get lost in the arch in this card. Where does it take you?


~ by cuteredhood on July 12, 2010.

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