Decisions, decisions

I put the tarot cards down for a couple of weeks, what with family drama, work, and the heat, so it was after I did a reading for a friend today that I was inspired to write about a card that didn’t even come up in the spread (but I was motivated just the same.

Here are The Lovers. Card 6 of the Major Arcana, and one most people tend to enjoy cropping up in their readings.

Phallic imagery aside for a moment, we have the typical Adam/Eve scene, with the serpent over Eve’s shoulder on the left with the tree of forbidden fruit, and a fire-y tree behind Adam on the right. The angel, Raphael, expresses the airy qualities of Gemini and reiterates a message: in making choices, sometimes you have to surrender to a higher power (be it fate, god(dess), what have you). Notice how Adam is looking to Eve, who looks directly at the angel and stands with the Tree of Knowledge. There’s no way to heaven without embracing the feminine in this card.

People love to hear that they’re going to encounter their soulmate soon, their one true love. I can understand the appeal, but I wonder if this card doesn’t expose a bit of insecurity that lies underneath that desire; being alone is truly terrifying. The point of love is to be able to make the choice to love and be with someone, to consider best interests and healthy boundaries and needs above the dogged instinct to stick like glue to whatever’ll have you. There is no such thing as love without choice, just blind devotion. It’s nice to say you know you have the choice to leave someone, but for me at least, love happens when staying together and being alone are equally viable, and you choose the former.

I think this card for me reminds me to cultivate the self, to become more conscious of paths before us and how our choices, chance, and the actions of others modify our lives into a beautifully present reality. Embracing joy and the ugly sublime is bliss.


As a side note, I’ll be more actively seeking tarot certification once I get back from my Canada trip. Sitting with the cards a few days will let me know if this is indeed a positive direction to move. After that, who knows? I’ll probably spend more time marketing and the business-Capricorn side of me-stuff, reach out to a few more spots around town to see if they’re cool with me reading for a cut, and avoiding the suggestions that I should read tarot out of my home. Thanks but no thanks.


~ by cuteredhood on June 17, 2010.

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