Let’s Get Ethical

I’m on my way to become  a Certified Professional Tarot Reader through the Tarot Certification Board of America, and one of the requirements is to compose a Code of Ethics. Here they are in all their moral glory:

1. Consent is vital to all relationships, especially those that deal with intimate information and vulnerability. Querents may initiate or terminate a reading at any time for any reason.

2. All querents will be treated with respect and receive my full attention during a reading.

3. Confidentiality is necessary to maintain trust and faith in any reader. Only when a querent indicates they might harm themselves or others, or when the law requires, will I divulge the contents of a reading to anyone. If others in your life want to inquire about readings, it’s up to you to tell them.

4. Tarot readings should empower and give perspective to clients, rather than paralyze or harm them. It is irresponsible to shoulder the karmic burden of predicting the future or foretelling death and illness.

5. Readings will only be given to parties who consent to them. Young children, third parties, and intoxicated querents cannot consent to readings and will not receive them.

6. I cannot and will not give medical, legal, psychological, or financial advice. Querents with these needs will be referred to licensed professionals.

7. The payment for a reading will always be decided and settled in advance of a reading. No additional fees will be incurred during a reading.

8. I am committed to furthering my professional education as a tarot reader in order to best serve the art itself and my clients.

And because a post doesn’t look right without a picture, let’s all marvel at how Mary K. Greer is a BAMF:


~ by cuteredhood on May 3, 2010.

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