The Opening Moment

Being passive and receptive is stereotypically feminine, but I’d like to reclaim both of those emotions and actions.

Passivity is a quality I’m trying to cultivate. Being vulnerable to the passage of time, remaining sensitive to the changes of choices around you, choosing to listen rather than speak. To remain process oriented rather than goal oriented. Being patient, patient, patient. My general nature seems to be at odds with all of these, but they seem to be valuable lessons to learn. I must learn to be the mother who waits until her baby is ripe:

This card is from the Osho Zen deck. Tarot decks usually do a pretty good job of highlighting the benefits of being passive and receptive, and several Major Arcana cards are centered around those very qualities. The woman here is not lazy or apathetic, but totally invested in the moment of growth. She’s moving along the cycle of the moon with poise, openness, and confidence. She’s serene.

My more feminist decks also marvel at the power of birth, and its ultimate rejection of the idea that passive and receptive means lazy and wishy-washy. We must be passive, at times, to listen to the knowledge within.

This chakra card is from the Triple Goddess Tarot, and I can’t think of a more powerful image in the deck than this one. The birthing woman here is grounded and connected to the Earth, awakening her Kundalini energy, and harnessing the power that can awaken her higher self (symbolized by the person in the lotus position in the egg above her head). Birth is the opening moment where we are most vulnerable, where our physical or mental or emotional creations pause, then separate from our minds and bodies to stand alone but connected.

Receptivity is also key to remaining open. We must be able to absorb knowledge to make our best choices. Letting Being permeate your existence and radiate through every cell in your body. Listening to your inner self provides the greatest sense of knowing, without words, without the distorted lens of perception.

Tarot has been a great meditative tool to remind me that the qualities we devalue in this circle of time have tremendous power and teaching potential. I am learning to be open to the qualities we call feminine and therefore devalue. Reclaiming these aspects of the self are necessary to remain whole and in rejecting patriarchy’s influence on our own personal development and the journey of the soul.


~ by cuteredhood on April 9, 2010.

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