Why Death?

Tarot has two kinds of cards: Minor and Major Arcana. The Major Arcana are 22 cards that visually represent the path we all travel in life (usually several times) as we develop and grow. There are a few cards in that spread that we identify with because of our birthdays, astrological signs, or personal preference.

My Personality Card, as determined through Mary K. Greer’s Constellations numerology method, is Death.

It sounds a bit scary and morose, but we all experience the cycle of death at one point or another, whether it is a physical death (of childhood or a person in our lives), an emotional death (like the ending of a relationship or an end of faith in something you once venerated), or a spiritual death (no longer believing in the religious doctrine of your youth, experiencing trauma and its effects).

Often, death is a blessing in disguise. A forest fire clears out old brush and decay and allows new life to grow. A project ends, but provides the kindling for the fire of your next new endeavor. A loved one dies, but only then could you appreciate your own mortality, and it motivates you to accomplish what you want in life before your own death.

Dana Driscoll, Tarot of Trees creator and the artist of the Tree Death image above, describes death as a transition from one point to the next. A tree may be cut down, but it can be used for firewood, paper, or a home for some forest critter. We experience sadness at death, but sadness is not an emotion to suppress or ignore. In order to fully understand the richness of life, we must accept sadness as a necessary and beneficial experience.

Death is my personality card, and that means I am able to see patterns for what they are and expose them. I can confront truth and not be afraid. People who have death as their personality card, like Immanuel Kant and Harriet Beecher Stowe, often create life works that rock the foundations of society or get us to think about morality and the human condition in a profoundly new way. Death people have a passionate drive to live, because they understand the cycle requires an honest effort before it can be completed.

I am reclaiming death. Death is not some thing to fear. Death is something we can learn from. Today is Eostre, a pagan holiday to celebrate life. We have all survived the harshness of winter and are here in the spring to renew and grow. I have died many times during life, which made my current growth possible.


~ by cuteredhood on April 4, 2010.

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